Mother's Day 2016

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“When the accident happened, no one knew if I would live. Three years later, the hospital that saved my life helped me have my baby girl.”

Jessica, a newcomer to Listowel, was walking to the local community garden when she was hit by a truck. Her skull was severely fractured.

Brain surgery was required to save Jessica’s life. “I could sense the expertise of the doctors and nurses,” says Jessica’s husband, Jason, “and I felt relief.”

Slowly but surely, Jessica emerged from her coma. She now had to adapt to new health challenges, such as the frightening and physically taxing seizures.

Even so, Jessica knew she wanted to become a mom. In 2012, the Drummonds returned to LHSC – this time under much happier circumstances.

“I was expecting,” Jessica says, “and this was the best place for me to be monitored and have my baby.” The seizures meant the pregnancy was high-risk, and the care offered by LHSC’s specialists would ensure Jessica and her baby stayed healthy and safe.

Their little girl with red hair, Isabelle, arrived safely.

“I’m so happy to be here and to have a family,” says Jessica. “And now we’re back at LHSC for our second baby!”

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